BJJ Center Testimonials

“The Benefits that The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center brought into our Lives.”

Alex Gonzalez and his son, both started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Master Vagner Rocha,on April of 2008. The main reason he commenced his Martial Arts Training was because he used to be overweight. “I was weighing in at 250 lbs, I really let myself go. I knew it was going to take a lot of work and dedication to accomplish my goals and at the same time I wanted to get my son involved in something that was going to be a great fit for both of us.” He says. Since then he has seen many positive changes in not only him but in his son too. Alex says proudly “My son used to be very shy and somewhat negative, but now he is a complete different character, he is so strong minded and confident. I couldn’t be happier with the benefits that the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center brought into our lives” His son is now a N.A.G.A Champion at only 7 years old. Like father, like son. Gonzalez not only lost over 60 lbs but has achieved many accomplishments as 2x N.A.G.A Champion, Grapplers Quest Champion, FGL Champion and placing 3rd at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship . The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center is very proud to have them as part of the Team!!!

Alex Gonzales

"Lost 20 lbs And My Energy Level Increased Significantly!"

"Hi, my name is Sean McCoy, and I have been attending classes at The BJJC since September, 2005. Although I am a new student in comparison to many others at the BJJC, I have been excessively impressed with the professionalism and patience of the instructors. The instructors give you personal attention, and seem genuinely interested in helping you meet your own individual goals. I learn a lot of new things in every class, and the content of each class is fresh, interesting, educational and fun. In addition, the students attending the BJJC come from various walks of life, and are of every age, color and ethnicity." I am 31 years old and my personal goal is to lose weight, raise my confidence level, and increase my overall level of fitness. In the last month I have already lost over 20 pounds, and my energy level has significantly increased. I look forward to the classes I attend each week, because I have a feeling that the instructors genuinely care that I am participating. If your personal goals are similar to mine, you need to call today to make an appointment for a personal interview with an Instructor."

Sean McCoy

"I am in the best shape I’ve been in literally two decades."

"My kids and I have been training in BJJ under Master Popovitch for almost a year. In that year some amazing things have happened to us. For one, I have lost over 80 lbs. I went from having high blood pressure, sleep apnea, insomnia, and always feeling tired to being healthy and in the best shape I’ve been in literally two decades. My kids have both also had a significant improvement in their physical fitness level. All three of us enjoy training in BJJ and have a great time in each class. What I as a parent especially like about the training is that kids are allowed to train at their own pace. The emphasis is on having fun, and that keeps the kids interested. As the kids have progressed, it has given them more confidence, too. The instructors at the BJJ center are world class, and they go out of their way to make sure you are learning all you want to learn. I’ve also found that senior students are eager to help out and give you tips as well. I highly recommend training at the BJJ Center, you won’t regret it."

Scott Garrett

"My blood pressure has dropped into the low to normal range for the first time in many years."

Hi everyone! My name is Randy Cupples and I am 56 years old and it is June 14, 2006 and I have been a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center student for a little over six months. On January 31, 2005 I had triple by-pass surgery. As I recuperated from the open heart surgery I was desperately looking for ways to change my lifestyle. After the operation my pulse rate was around 80 - 83 beats per minute and my blood pressure continually recorded in the high range. After my operation I was thinking about asking my doctor to put me on medicine to lower my blood pressure but was worried this would not lead me to the quality of life that I wanted. I decided to find an alternative to taking blood pressure medicine and any related drugs. I noticed the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center and subsequently discussed my health situation with Master Pablo Popovitch and Instructor Jay Moncaio. With their concerns that I should not push myself to hard, I started classes in December 2005. Physical change is never easy but I was determined to improve my health. Pablo and Jay, as they will with any student, watched over me and monitored my progress to ensure that I did not "over exercise" or "burn out" on the training as I was in really poor physical shape. Because of the encouraging comments and helpful direction from Master Popovitch and Jay Moncaio (and so many other students) I have stayed with their training program and truly improved my health! My pulse rate is now between 60-63 beats per minute and my blood pressure has dropped into the low to normal range for the first time in many years. I have to say this is the best training I have ever experienced. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center training methods have literally changed the quality of my life!

Randy Cupples

"This is the pinnacle of my martial arts career."

I began seriously studying the martial arts when I was in college in the 1980”s. I started in Tae Kwon Do and eventually earned a black belt. When I saw tapes of the first UFC, I realized that I had more to learn. I spent the next couple of years kickboxing and stick fighting until a career move landed me in Ft. Lauderdale in March, 1997.

I remember arriving on a Sunday and one of the first things I did, even before I unpacked my car, was look in the yellow pages for a BJJ school. As fate would have it, my apartment was 2 blocks south of Grandmaster Jorge and Master Pablo Popovitchs’ first school in Pembroke Pines. The very next day, I went to the academy and tried a class. After that first class I knew I was at home. I have been with Grandmaster Jorge and Master Pablo Popovitch ever since.

I watched the academy evolve from a small group of students, to the creation of the Team Popovitch competition team in 1999, to the huge organization, with 2 affiliate schools in Cleveland, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky, that it is today. Most impressive though, was witnessing the evolution of Master Pablo Popovitch from a 16 year old purple belt to the world class grappler and instructor that he is today.

No one trains harder that Master Pablo Popovitch and his accomplishments on the mat speaks for themselves. But, best of all, he is one of the premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors in the business. Master Pablo Popovitch's dedication to his students is evident by the accomplishments and successes that they have had, both on and off the mat. To train with Master Pablo Popovitch is to be a part of something special.

On August 16. 2006, Grandmaster Jorge and Master Pablo Popovitch awarded me my Black Belt. I am truly humbled to be their first American student to receive such recognition. This is the pinnacle of my martial arts career. I thank both of them for all the years of mentoring, instruction, and inclusion into their family.

Master Chris Chard

"Never Found A More Effective and Enjoyable BJJ Training Center!"

My name is Michael Zanetti. I have been training in various martial arts for a number of years. Never have I found the training as effective, satisfying and enjoyable as I do at the BJJ Center. My rationale is three-fold:

#1 – Pablo Popovitch
There are a lot of instructors who lack a proven track record of their capabilities, resulting in a need to preach from afar about their accolades, systems and skills. With Pablo, he doesn’t need to talk the talk, he walks the walk. Pablo actually has won the tournaments and championships, and the result is a high level of confidence in himself and his system.

How is this reflected in the class? To begin, the class is far more informal than most martial arts classes. There is no need for false displays of respect; Pablo deserves respect and gets it. Moreover, Pablo actually trains with the class, often pulling students aside and training with them individually. There is no need for false bravado and preaching from afar; Pablo believes in himself and his system.

The overall result: a prime learning environment with a top level instructor.

#2 – Class structure
Because of the informality of the class, the students share a tremendous amount of information with each other. Similar belt students share intricacies of techniques and variations with one another. Higher belt students help lower belts on an individual basis improve on their technique. This builds a high level of camaraderie among the students in what could be a very competitive environment.

BJJ itself is very fluid, with countless variations and intricate movements. An environment where techniques can be openly discussed, improved on and practiced creates an accelerated learning curve for all parties involved.

#3 – The focus on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
With the recent popularity of UFC/NHB-style fighting, many traditionally “one system” schools have begun cross-pollinating, teaching various styles and systems. The result: being average at a number of different things.

The philosophy at the BJJ Center is different. As Pablo has expressed a number of times, his goal with the BJJ Center is to become the best BJJ school in the country. One focus, one goal: being the best at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

With things running the way they are, don’t be surprised to see the Popovitch team at #1!

Michael Zanetti

"My Physical conditioning has improved, and I've taken my self-defense skills to a whole different level!"

The quality of training, the hours, the flexibility to attend other classes and sessions are all GREAT! I've only been a member for a short time, but I have found all of the instructors to be deserving of recognition.

They have all shown tremendous patience and have taken the time to work with me. I originally joined the BJJC as a way of providing some conditioning to my workouts.

I'm happy to say that I received that and so much more. Under Mr. Larry Bolden direction and dedication the BJJC has been an incredible experience. My Physical conditioning has improved, and I've taken my self defense skills to a different level. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Center provides everything you're looking for.

Tecia Torres Moncaio

"I highly recommend you step in to one of Larry's classes!"

I've been working with Larry Borden for the last two years for my own Muay Thai Kickboxing training. Although I have no intention of stepping in a ring, I am being conditioned, coached and encouraged as if I was. It doesn't matter if you have ever tossed a jab or have been fighting as a professional for years.

Larry can take your skills to another level!! If you really want to burn calories, develop a solid core, learn self defense and have a ton of fun, I highly recommend you step in to one of Larry's classes. With more than 20 years of experience in the martial arts, a deep passion for teaching and a solid character you cannot ask for a better instructor than Larry Borden.

Heather Cooperman

"My stamina has improved 100%, I am able to keep up 3 to 4 rounds with my sparring partners."

I like the kickboxing class in Team Popovitch because I am learning to use my elbows, knees, and legs as extra tools for self-defense. My stamina has improved 100%. I am now able to keep up 3 to 4 rounds with my sparring partners. In combination with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it completes my self defense training.

Christopher Ajero

"My body feels better than ever! I'm stronger, faster and more flexable and agile than I ever thought possible!"

First I would like to thank Master Popovitch and everybody at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Center for all the help and support they have giving me in my first year of training. The classes are amazing! I knew nothing about martial arts before I started and Master Popovitch went above and beyond any expectations of that. My body feels better than ever! I'm stronger, faster and more flexable and agile than I ever thought possible!

Chris Goldeistein

"I recently fought my 2nd MMA fight and I was able to win by KO"

I could not be happier with my kickboxing training. My dream has always to be a professional MMA fighter, at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center I get all the training that I need. I recently fought my 2nd MMA fight and I was able to win by KO. Thanks to all the great instructors and friends.

Johnny Cardonna