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11/17/2007: Vintage Gracie Jiu Jitsu Video!!!
Jiu-Jitsu's lost ark uncovered Check out one of the martial art's greatest historical treasures, great video footage!!!… Read More »
11/17/2007: Pablo Popovitch HIGHLANDER seminar!!!
4 minute video with Pablo Popovitch teaching a great seminar in Louisville Kentucky, includes sparring footage with some of the students...… Read More »
11/02/2007: Team Popovitch Wins N.A.G.A Miami
I would like to congratulate all my students and friends for the great results we had this year in N.A.G.A.… Read More »
10/26/2007: Kids Promotions pictures!!!
Congratulations to our kids that were promoted this week!!!… Read More »
10/22/2007: North American Grappling Association (N.A.G.A) Florida Quick Results:
Vagner started the day defeating FFA(Florida Freestyle Academy) Instructor Henrico Coeco in a great Superfight...… Read More »
10/21/2007: Congratulations to our students!!!
12 Promotions! Congratulations to the following students...… Read More »
10/07/2007: Team Popovitch Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belts Beat Three BJJ Black Belt Instructors!!!
Jay Moncaio (Team Popovitch Brown Belt) and Vagner Rocha (team Popovitch Brown Belt) defeated three black belts in the Copa America Tournament this past Saturday...… Read More »
10/05/2007: Master Popovitch Article was featured on The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Magazine Issue #126
Read The article "A bedrock called Jiu-jitsu"....… Read More »
10/01/2007: Johny wins MMA debut!!!
This past weekend Johny Cardona submitted his opponent in the 3rd round with an incredible arm bar from the mount. Watch the video!!!… Read More »
09/26/2007: New Judo Classes!!
There are new Judo classes now being held on Saturdays at 12p.m. The classes are being taught by Judo expert Louis Barrero.… Read More »
08/26/2007: Vagner takes 3rd in the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship!!!
Vagner takes 3rd in the Worlds!!! … Read More »
08/25/2007: UFC 74: Respect Results - Couture Retains Heavyweight Title
We had a great time watching the UFC at the Brew's Room last night. Thanks everyone for coming!!!… Read More »
08/23/2007: World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship this weekend
Good luck to all our students heading to the world Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championship in LA this week.… Read More »
08/21/2007: Team Popovitch Dominates Planet Submission!!!
Jimmy won the absolute division!!!… Read More »
08/10/2007: Jimmy Wins his Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) debut!!!
Jimmy Brasco had an incredible victory, using perfect wrestling and jiu-jitsu techniques to overcome his opponent in 3:42 minutes of the first round.… Read More »
08/10/2007: Pablo Popovitch was featured on Mixed Martial Arts Authority Magazine!!!
Master Popovitch was feature on Mixed Martial Arts Authority Magazine. Demonstrate The ANACONDA CHOKE!!! Read the Article!!! … Read More »
08/05/2007: Team Popovitch Wins N.A.G.A FLORIDA Team Award!!!
Yes we did it again! We won the Team award of the most prestigious Grappling tournament in the USA. Special thanks to everyone that supported us in the tournament.… Read More »
07/25/2007: Buck NAGA Video
We found this video on the u tube, that's Buck fighting NAGA July 21st, Great Arm bar finish. Congratz Buck… Read More »
07/23/2007: Summer Break!
The School will be closed for cosmetic repairs. We will be replacing the mats with brand new Zebra mats, and fixing everything that needs to be fixed. Classes will resume July 29th at regular hours. Best Regards, BJJ Staff… Read More »
07/21/2007: Vagner Defeats Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt!!!
Vagner had a huge win at NAGA. He defeated in the finals of the Brown../Black Belt division a Black Belt from Royce Gracie via Submission under 1 minute.… Read More »
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